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Preparing for your Personal Branding Photoshoot

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Getting in front of the camera for a personal branding photo session can feel a little or ALOT awkward and overwhelming. I'm guessing you've probably never done this before or you’ve never done it alone. It feels way less intimidating to hide behind your family in photographs than strut your stuff on your own, right!?

With a little preparation, personal branding photo shoots are incredibly empowering and fun for business owners. It’s like the most fun headshot session everrrrr!! Just ask Ann Sullivan, VP at Long Realty Company. Once she started posting her content from our shoot, her audience reacted with comments like these and many more: "This is totally your power shot. Open, happy, determined, focused. Who would not want to work with you. Love it!" and ..."Like a Boss- stunning!!"

Ann felt...TRANSFORMED! She posted: "Walking towards bigger goals, greater perspective, positive change & making a difference in what really matters in life ❤️"

THIS is what a branding photoshoot can do for you too!!

But how to prep for a session like this? I’m breaking down my favorite tips so you can plan your next personal branding session with ease.

Determine your photo shoot goals

Did you schedule a branding session so you can start creating a content library for your social media? Are you creating a new website and you want to put your best foot forward? Are you launching an amazing new business you want to show the world? Determining your photo shoot goals can go a long way in making sure you get exactly what you want and need.

This is helpful information to know on the photographer’s end. If you’re wanting to update your website header with a new image that needs a text overlay, your photographer should know that when shooting. For images that will primarily be used on social media, your photographer will want to make sure they’re cropping them appropriately.

All of my branding clients receive a comprehensive questionnaire before their session. This questionnaire asks a ton of questions about their business and business goals. This helps get your wheels turning! We make sure to discuss all this before your session. When it’s time to shoot, we can just have some fun!

Know your must-have list

Are there one or two shots that you NEED to walk away from a shoot with? Maybe it’s an updated modern head shot, or an image of you working on your computer, sipping coffee; or maybe it’s you in the middle of the street jumping for joy, because you’re ready to launch your next big thing.

There’s always a standard shot list that I work through at every branding session, but each session is a little different, too. Knowing what your must-haves are help me design the perfect session for YOU.

Look your best

A branding session is truly focused on you! Get a fresh manicure, make sure you love your haircut and color, and bring the clothes you feel best in...or even consider hiring a hair and makeup artist! If your style is super low key, simply making sure you look pulled together and polished can go a long way.

Incorporate brand colors

I like black, gray, and white as much as the next person (IF NOT MORE). But when it comes to your personal branding session, I usually recommend throwing in some pops of color. But not just any color! Think about incorporating the colors that represent your brand (like in your logo or color palette). It’s even helpful to think of colors you often incorporate into social media.

For example, your orange obsession may warrant you bringing a sunshine-colored top, or a bright orange bike. Work your colors into your clothing, props, and surroundings to make your brand really come to life, and your images super cohesive.

Trust your photographer

Trusting someone else with your branding can be difficult. If you’ve done the work in finding an experienced brand photographer who you click with, now is the time to relax. You need to trust that whoever you’ve hired is a professional. They are going to make you look your very best, and showcase your brand in the best possible light. Don’t worry too much about how to pose or smile or where to look; your photographer has your back! Just come with an open mind and heart, and know you are in excellent hands. You’re going to have a blast!

Ready to book your personal brand photography shoot?

Reach out! Let's go have some fun!

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