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10 Ways to Use Personal Brand Photography

A personal branding session is a great way to create a ton of content for your business in a short amount of time. Typically, my clients are excited for a personal branding photo shoot to update their headshot.

The truth is, personal branding sessions are SO much more than that. Here are some of my favorite ways to use your own personal branding photography to really utilize all the images you receive.

1. Social profile photos

I know this is the first place you run when you have great new photos of yourself, and for good reason! It’s a great time to freshen up your online profile.

2. Website homepage

How do you make a website homepage memorable? Show your face! Welcome visitors to your site with an image of you to make them feel connected and comfortable.

3. Campaign landing pages

You can also use branding photography on individual campaign landing pages, like if you have a landing page specifically for people to sign up for your email newsletter, or to opt in to a free training.

4. Blog posts

Now that you have a ton of pretty imagery, show it off on your blog.

5. Social media posts

Chances are, if you’ve done a personal branding session, a big reason was so you would have social media content. Great thinking! Who knew there’d be so much more you could do with it?!

6. Facebook/YouTube/Twitter Banners

No need to use standard stock photography when you have your own personal branding photography.

7. Video graphics

If you create videos for IGTV or YouTube, you can easily use a program like Canva or Photoshop to turn your branding images into beautiful graphics.

8. Email marketing

Show your face, a flat lay, some details, behind the scenes – so much to choose from!

9. Business cards

Including images on your business cards can immediately personalize them––especially if it’s a picture of you!

10. Marketing materials

If you need to print anything for a vendor fair, or to show potential clients, branding photography is a must need!

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